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Silicone Bust with Hair 2018

The cast of the artist's body from the silicone, in which artist's trimmed hair and chains are mounted / Kyiv / UA

This object is not just a snap or a clone for Maria, it became her silicone "voodoo doll" for self-liberation. When "everything happened" she faced a chaos that took her life and told her the most terrible doorway of betrayal and lies once the people closest to her. Without any ability to cope with this, she cut off her luxurious long golden hair, intuitively continuing the centuries-old tradition of haircutting women during grief and rebellion.

Four years after she felt that sorrow had released her chains that so severely restricted her freedom, her body, her soul, she created a silicone Maria, who told through her image of the world about her grief and pain that was kept inside the true, living Maria, who decided again to be happy.

The sculpture was created in collaboration with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.
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