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Biography & CV

Maria Kulikovska is a multimedia artist, architect, actionist-performer, researcher and lecturer in exile. She was born (1988) and grew up in the ancient city of Kerch on the edge of the Crimea peninsula (Ukraine), where she cannot return since the illegal annexation of the peninsula by Russia.
In Kyiv (Ukraine), she completed her master's degree at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (2007-2013) in Architecture of Buildings and Structures. She is currently completing her second master's program in fine arts at Europe's leading university – Konsfack in Stockholm, Sweden.
In 2011, her architectural project of the Shcherbenko Art Center of the Contemporary Art Center in Kyiv won, and was designed in the same year. She soon worked in China and Switzerland as an architect, but in the meanwhile returned to the art as performances and sculpture, which were internationally acclaimed.

During 2012, Maria was invited to implement a personal project at the Isolation Contemporary Art Center in Donetsk, where she created her one of the most important and influential works of hers "Homo Bulla - a human like a soap bubble". In the same year, she received an AKKU Award from the Department of Culture of the Canton Zurich in Switzerland. She was a nominee for the Pinchuk Art Prize with the performative installation "Soma – a body without gender" in Kyiv in 2013. Same year, Kulikovska was selected for the Ukrainian-Swedish art exchange Ruta-Runa where she met her ex-wife – Assyrian-Swedish artist Jacqueline Shabo, with whom she collaborated in the "Body and Borders" project – same-sex marriage-as-performance (2013-2017). The performative project "Body and Borders" raised and actualized the theme of freedom of the female body, its choice, equality and corporeality to the boundaries of power and society.

The sculptural projects "Army of Clones" (2010-2014) and "Homo Bulla" (2012-2014) at Isolaytsia Art Center in Donetsk, were destroyed by DNR (Donetsk Nation Republic) through occupation forces in Donetsk. After the outbreak of hostilities in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea in the summer of 2014, Maria was declared by the DNR as a "degenerative artist" because of her works and same-sex marriage-as-performance.

After a dramatic personal and professional experience of working with Jacqueline Shabo, Maria completed the "Body and Borders" project on March 3, 2017, and from March 8 of that year began working with architect-engineer Uleg Vinnichenko, who became technical director, co-developer, co-author of Maria's projects and her partner.
Her recent works include numerous exhibitions, actions, performances, sculptural objects and videos, such as: "254" (unauthorized performance at the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, 2014); White (performance under the Crimean Bridge, Moscow, 2015); #onvacation (participant of the collective unauthorized performance at the Venice Biennale, 2015); "Happy Birthday" (performance in Saatchi Gallery, 2016); "War and Peace" (performance on the mined beach of Mariupol, 2016); "Migrating Parliament of Displaced Persons: Raft CrimeA" (2016-present, performance, social sculpture); performative sculpture "Star Dust" (Mystetskiy Arsenal, 2019).

Maria has been exhibited twice at the Saatchi Gallery; her "Homo Bulla. Replica" was bought by one of Germany's largest public collections – the Deutsche Telekom Art Collection; Maria was invited to the 2-month residence of the Liverpool Biennale (September-October 2017); also invited by the Munich Ministry of Culture (October-November 2018) for the two-month residence at the Pasinger Cultural Center and Ebenbockhouse; during the period of spring-summer of 2018, her sculptural triptych was presented at the Ludwig Museum (Budapest, Hungary) in the group exhibition "The Permanent Revolution"; 3 Soap Figures were installed in the public park of the biggest cultural center of Santiago de Compostela in Spain "Cidade da Cultura"; In December 2019 Maria received a special scholarship-honors for her diploma thesis from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Konstfack University in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since 2015, Maria Kulikovska has established an art collective and the open feminist platform "Flowers of Democracy" (a series of actions in Kyiv, Dnipro, Malmo, London, Kaunas).
In May 2017, Maria and Uleg officially founded the School of Political Performance in Kyiv, Ukraine.
From 2020, Maria and Uleg built and opened the first Gallery-Shelter in Kyiv (Ukraine) "Garage 33" for the artists from "conflict?", reflecting on a concept as "conflict body" and giving voice to marginalized groups.
Uleg (Oleg Vinnichenko) is an architect-engineer, developer of experimental innovative building materials and structures. He was born 1978 in the city "Rad Factory" in the Poltava region (Ukraine).

Uleg has more than 15 years of experience in the architecture and development of innovative building materials and structures. He is the founder of the creative-experimental studio "Basis LLC". During this time, his studio has implemented a number of commercial and non-commercial experimental projects in contemporary design, sculpture and architecture. For the last 3 years she has been collaborating with Maria Kulikovska in all of her sculptural projects. From their last large-scale projects: development and realization of architectural design and composition of experimental material for the performative sculptural installation "Star Dust" in Mystetskiy Arsenal (2019); development and realization of the soap and resin sculptures for the final exhibition of the residence of the Liverpool Biennale (2018); created 3 Soap Figures for exhibition at the "Cidade da Cultura" Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Compostella (May-October 2018); designing and searching of the materials and constructions of 7 sculptures for the park near Lviv area (2017); worked on the engineering and technological implementation of the sculptural project in the showcases of Ukrainian Designers' Shop "Vsi. Svoi" ("All are Ours") in 2017; created together with Maria Kulikovska a sculptural series for the exhibition of Ukrainian contemporary art at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest (2018); worked on an engineering and technological solution for the performance and five multi-component sculptures for the 5th anniversary exhibition of Vogue Ukraine (2018); worked together with Maria on technical solutions for the implementation of the exhibition "Raft CrimeA" for the Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art (2017), as well as in Prague for the exhibition about the occupation and annexation of Crimea (2019); during summer 2019 they worked on the solo show of Maria Kulikovska "My Skin is My Business" in Odesa Fine Arts Museum, where Uleg was a main technical director and engeneer of the whole first ever exhibition in the cave of the Museum.

Prior to collaborating with Maria Kulikovska, his studio also collaborated with major construction holdings as a eco-researcher and developer of new innovative concrete and other materials and structures. He was the developer of the reconstruction and put into operation the "Magdeburg Law Stairs" in Kyiv. His studio collaborated with the international elevator company "Otis", as a eco-researcher and developer of new engineering structures and materials.

Since January 2020, Uleg Vinnichenko has been the co-founder and director of the first Gallery-Shelter in Kyiv "Garage 33" for the artists from "conflict?".


Master Degree of Fine Arts
at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design
2018–2020 / Stockholm, SE

Postgraduate Course "Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness"
at Royal Institute of Fine Arts
2016–2017 / Stockholm, SE

Summer Course in Political Science
at Augsburg University
2016 / Augsburg, DE

Summer Multidisciplinary Course in Urban and Contemporary Arts Studies
organized by Goethe-Institute and CSM (Centre of Contemporary Art)
2015 / Kiev, UA / Koln, DE

Master Degree (Lector and Researcher) of Architecture and Fine Arts
at National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture
2013 / Kyiv, UA

Bachelor in Architecture
at National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture
2007–2013 / Kyiv, UA

Associate Degree in Design and Architecture
College of Building
2003–2007 / Kyiv, UA

Selected Works

Self-portrait in Flowers
September, 2019 / Kyiv, UA
The ballistic soap bust with flowers inside. Created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko specially for the collection of VSI.SVOI (the biggest fashion concept-store of Ukrainian design)

Soap Figure with Flowers
August, 2019 / Odesa, UA
Mold from the artist's body, cast from ballistic soap used in shooting guns to test weapons. The sculpture was created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko specially for the exhibition "My Skin is My Business" with the support of Fedor Serdyuk, Odesa Fine Arts Museum and the School of Political Performance. Since the opening of the show this sculpture is part of permanent collection of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum

My Skin is My Business
August, 2019 / Odesa, UA
Solo show [retrospective of the sculptures and objects from the last 5 years of practice] in the grotto of The Odesa Fine Arts Museum, Ukraine. The sculptures created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Body as Mannequin: STOZHARY
July, 2019 / Paris, FR
Collaboration with Ukrainian fashion designer Ruslan Baginskiy: "the Soap Figures as Mannequins" for the fashion accessories, during the Haute-Couture Week. The sculptures created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Let me Say: It's not Forgotten
Exhibition of the soap figures and epoxy sculptures from the series "Carpe Diem", and two videos of the performances: "Lustration #2", "Execution of 6 Soap Figures / It's not Forgotten"; performative-lecture in the foyer of the Theatre HAU, Berlin, Germany. The sculptures and videos created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Execution of 6 Soap Figures / It's not Forgotten

9th of June 2019 / Kyiv, UA
Video-performance — recreation of the real story, which happened 9th of June 2014 during occupation forces in the East part of Ukraine, where pro-Russian terrorists used for the shooting-practice all soap sculptures from the triptych "Homo Bulla" and all plaster figures from "Army of Clones" in Izolyatsia Art Center. All sculptures in video created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko. Camera and filming by Aline Gontar. Video created with the support of HAU Berlin and The School of Political Performance.

Based on the Truth Stories 2
2019 / Plodiv, BG
Performance and presentation of the White Soap Figure form the sculptural triptych "Homo Bulla. Replica 2015" in the historical museum "Hyndlian-House" at the group show of Art Collection Deutsche Telekom, organized by "Office for Art" and "Cultural Capital" in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Installation "The Raft CrimeA" at Artivist_lab in Prague
2019 / Parague, CZ
Organized by human-rights organization "People in Need", Czech Republic. The show was created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Little Mermaid
2019 / Kyiv, UA
Soap column in the group show "After Image", Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. The sculpture created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Based on the Truth Stories 1
2019 / Stockholm, SE
Performance and sculptural installation at group show at Konsthall-C, Stockholm, Sweden. The sculptures and preparations for the performance created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

2019 / Madrid, ES
Casts of artist feet and hands in ballistic soap in the group show during Hybrid Madrid Art Fair, organized by Izolyatsia Art Center, Madrid, Spain.

He for She Award Statues
2019 / Kyiv, UA
5 casts of the artist hands as the award-figurine - the first ever "He for She" award for the female-artists and cultural workers, organized by Port Agency, UUoN Women and He for She organization, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2019 / Kyiv, UA
Metaphorical self-made model of the Kerch Peninsula with 5 Figures from the soil and different minerals at the historical exhibition "Amazing Stories of Crimea", Mystetskiy Arsenal Art Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine. The sculptures, model of landscape and video created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko. Performative sculpture "Stardust" became a part of the permanent national collection of the Mystetskiy Arsenal Art Museum.

Execution of 6 Soap Figures
Life performance of the shooting soap sculptures for the Ukrainian-Swiss film "The Forgotten", Kyiv, Ukraine. The sculptures created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Green Figure
2019 / Budapest, HU
Cast of the artist body from the epoxy resin at the Q Contemporary Collection, Budapest, Hungary.

Lustration 3
2018 / Munich, DE
Performance with 3 Soap Figures in the public park of Ebenbockhouse Cultural Center, Munich, Germany. The sculptures created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Award in Ebenbockhouse Cultural Center
2018 / Munich, DE
2 month residency in Ebenbockhouse Cultural Center from the Cultural Ministry of Munich, Germany.

My Beautiful. Wife?

2018 / Munich, DE
Series of the drawings on porcelain plates in the group show of Ukrainian and German artists "Ukraine: Learning from a good neighbor 1918-2018", Pasinger Fabrik Cultural Center, Munich, Germany.

Homo Bulla. Replica
2018 / Vienna, AT
Presentation of the triptych "Homo Bulla. Replica" at the group show of the Art Collection Deutsche Telekom during the Vienna Contemporary'2018 in Vienna, Austria.

35 most-promising young artist of Ukraine
Announcement of Maria Kulikovska as one of the 35 most-promising young artist of Ukraine by the version of "New Times" magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Cosmopolitan Award
Nominee for the "Cosmopolitan Award" by the Cosmopolitan magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Lustration / Ablution #02: Art Edition of Vogue UA, 2018
Carpe Diem — series of 5 full body cast in epoxy resin and video of the performance "Lustration #2" in the retrospective exhibition of the 5 years of the magazine Vogue Ukraine in the Lavra City-Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. The sculptures created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Invisible, Comfortable, Quiet
Performance "Self-Exclusion" and exhibition of sculptural objects from the "Carpe Diem" series during the presentation of the special art edition of Vogue Ukraine in the Bursa Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. All sculptures, preparation for the show and performance created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

The Raft CrimeA, International Institute for Peace
Open lecture and solo show about "The Raft CrimeA", International Institute for Peace, Vienna, Austria.

The Raft CrimeA Performance in the High School of Media and Design
Performance in the public space of the city center of Vienna and exhibition in the High School of Media and Design, Vienna, Austria. The show was created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Soap Figures Triptych in Cidade da Cultura
A new triptych of "Soap Figures" in the open space of Cidade da Cultura in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The sculptures created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

The Raft CrimeA Performance in front of the bridge Oresund
Performance and installation of the sculpture "My Second Xena #2" in the public space in front of the bridge Oresund, Malmo, Sweden. The sculpture and performance created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko and with support of "Arte TV-channel".

Lustration 2 / Soap Opera
Performance specially for the Vogue Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine. The sculpture for the performance created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Swimming in Freedom
Solo show of watercolors and sculptures at the Port Creative Hub, Kyiv, Ukraine. The sculptures created with Uleg Vіnnіchenko.

Carpe Diem on Permanent Revolution at Ludwig Museum
Sculptural triptych from the series "Carpe Diem" in the group show of Ukrainian contemporary art "Permanent Revolution" at the Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary. All sculptures were created together with Uleg Vinnichenko. One of the sculpture from the series was made with the support of Zenko Foundation.

Little Mermaid
Soap column in the group show "Swap" in Yarmilov Art Centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine, as final result of the Liverpool Biennial residency for Ukrainian and British artists. The sculpture was created together with Uleg Vіnnіchenko and with the support of British Council.

Lustration 1
2018 / Kyiv, UA
Performance specially for the celebration of the 8th of March in Mystetskiy Arsenal Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine. The sculpture for the performance was created with Uleg Vinnichenko.

Carpe Diem on Marry Me
2017 / Kyiv, UA
Presentation of the 2 Figures from the sculptural series "Capre Diem" at the group show "Marry Me" in the Museum of the History of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine. The sculptures were created together with Uleg Vіnnіchenko, one of the sculpture was made with the support of Zenko Foundation.

Blood and Pressure
2017 / London, UK
Performance in collaboration with artist Mila Dolman in Ugly Duck Art Center, London, U.K.

Body as Mannequin: In VSI.SVOI Windows
2017 / Kyiv, UA
3 sculptures from the "Carpe Diem" series in epoxy with different metaphorical objects inside and 23 sculptural objects - casts of feet and hands of artist's body, in the glass case of the biggest fashion concept-store "VSI.SVOI" [All are Ours] on the main street of capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine. All sculptures and exhibition were created with Uleg Vinnichenko.

The Raft CrimeA Performance on SWAB Barcelona
2017 / Barcelona, ES
Performance and social sculpture "during SWAB Performance Art Fair in Barcelona, Spain, organized by Izolyatsia Art Center.

Flowers of Democracy at the CREATURE Festival of Performance
2017 / Kaunas, LT
Sculptural performance with the panel discussion about political performance at the CREATURE Festival of Performance in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Award of Liverpool Biennale
2017 / Liverpool, UK
2 month residency Award of Liverpool Biennale residence in Liverpool, U.K.

My Second Xena 2 on Code Art Fair
2017 / Copenhagen, DK
Participation in the "Code Art Fair" with the sculpture "My Second Xenia #2" organized by Sabsay gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Raft CrimeA: Maps of Fate
2017 / Odesa, UA
Solo show about the performance and social sculpture "The Raft CrimeA" as special project of Odesa Biennale of Contemporary Art at the Invogue#art gallery, Odesa, Ukraine.

My Second Xena 3
2017 / Kyiv, UA
Cast of artist body in epoxy resin, installed in the private garden as part of of the private collection, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Carpe Diem / Who am I in the group show Cold Hope
2017 / Odesa,UA
Series of sculptural objects/self-portraits, in the group show "Cold Hope", organized by Invogue#art gallery, Green Theatre and International Film Festival in Odesa, Ukraine.

2017 / Malmo, SE
Performance at the Spinneriet gallery in Malmo, Sweden.

Memento Mori
2017 / Lviv, UA
Sculptural series of 7 figures in the permanent collection of public park of SPA complex "Edem" in Lviv, Ukraine. All sculptures were created together with Uleg Vinnichenko.

The Folds of Reflections
2017 / Kyiv, UA
Solo exhibition of the series from 10 sculptural objects and 7 Figures from "Memento Mori" series at the Port Creative Hub in Kyiv, Ukraine. Exhibition and sculptures were build together with Uleg Vinnichenko.

The Folds on Kyiv Art Week
2017 / Kyiv, UA
Presentation of the performative sculptures "Folds" during Kyiv Art Week in Kyiv, Ukraine.

My Second Xenia 2
2016 / Kyiv, UA
Cast of artist body in epoxy resin, first sculptural object created together with Uleg in his "O-Snova. Studio" in Kyiv; and since that sculpture is the beginning working in collaboration with Uleg Vinnichenko.

Salt of Earth / Soma. Replica
2016 / Kyiv, UA
Total sculptural installation, Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Presentation 'Homo Bulla. Replica' as a part of the Art Collection Deutsche Telekom
2016 / Warsaw, PL
Presentation of sculptural triptych "Homo Bulla. Replica 2015" as part of Art Collection Deutsche Telekom at the National Museum of Sculpture "Krolikarnia" in Warsaw, Poland.

The Raft CrimeA. Trumps of Doom
2016 / Kyiv, UA
Solo exhibition about the performance and social sculpture "The Raft CrimeA: The Parliament of the Displaced" at the VCRC in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Raft CrimeA Performance
2016 / Vilkovo, UA
Start of the performance and social sculpture at the Dnipro River in Kyiv and arrest by border police on the water of Danube in Vilkovo, Ukraine.

'Homo Bulla. Replica' in Art Collection Deutsche Telekom
2016 / Bonn, DE
Sculptural triptych was bought by the Art Collection Deutsche Telekom and permanently installed at the main-office of the Telekom corporation in Bonn, Germany.

9th of May
9 May, 2016 / London, UK
Solo exhibition at the Art Represent in London, UK.

FoD: Flowers of Democracy Action on 1st May
2016 / London, UK
Series of performances with the sculptures by "Flowers of Democracy" in London, National Gallery, Tate Modern, Parliament, Trafalgar Square in London, UK.

2016 / Kyiv, UA
Series of sculptural objects were produced from the forms of artist and showed by pseudo-curators Georgiy Brailovskiy and his wife for the exhibition at the Kyiv's Museum of Russian Arts and later been showed in different non-professional exhibitions around Kyiv, Ukraine.

Kiss Me
2016 / Kyiv, UA
Performance organized by Aids Foundation of Olena Pinchuk at Mystetskiy Arsenal in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Happy Birthday
November 23, 2015 / London, UK
Performance with the Soap Figure from the triptych "Homo Bulla. Replica 2015" at the Saatchi-Gallery in London, UK.

Homo Bulla. Replica — Finalist of UK/Raine
2015 / London, UK
3 sculptural objects made from ballistic soap by the casting of artist body. Finalist of UK/Raine, first ever open competition for all emerging artists from the UK and Ukraine, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK.

Casts / Scars
2015 / Kyiv, UA
Soap sculptures, casts of the artist's hands and feet at the group show "What I have from the women", VCRC, Kyiv, Ukraine.

FoD: Flowers of Democracy Action 1
2015 / Kyiv, UA
On-going performance, feminist movement "Flowers of Democracy" around Zhovten Cinema in Kyiv, Ukraine; near Passage (shopping mall), City Hall, The alley of Greatest Leaders, Ex-Library (nowadays center of ultra rights group) in Dnepr, Ukraine.

No Questions / Body and Borders 3

2015 / Kyiv, UA
Video, drawings, texts and documentations of the marriage-as-performance by Kulikovska-Shabo group at the curatorial show "Philosophy of Migration" in the Museum of Heritage of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2015 / Venice, IT
Participant of gorillas performance "occupation" of Russian Pavilion, organized by Izolyatsia Art Center at the Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy.

2015 / Moscow, RU
Performance with the self-made Crimean flag during the manifestation of 1 of May under the Crimean Bridge in the Moscow-river, Moscow, Russia.

Body and Borders: Heart of a Dog
2015 / Umeå, SE
Solo show consists from the installations, sculptures, drawings, performance, artists talk and curatorial exhibition-as-solidarity with female video-artist at the Gallery Verkligheten in Umeå, Sweden.

To Be or not To Be
2015 / Copenhagen, DK
Video-performance, presented at the "Fokus 2015 / OPEN CALL PRISUDDELING", Nicolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen, Denmark.

254 Performance Documentation on 'The Body of Protest - The Body in Political Activism'
2015 / Copenhagen, DK
Presentation of the video and photo documentation of the performance "254" during the event of political art and protests raising the issues of human rights "The Body of Protest - The Body in Political Activism", organized by the MA-students of the Human Rights and Conflicts Studies Department of the University of Malmo at the Melemet-Rummet in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015 / Viena, AT
Series of the casts in soap from the artist hands and feet at the group show "Through Maidan and Beyond", Architekturzentrum Wien, Museums Quartier, Vienna Art Week, Austria.

254. Collective Action
2014 / Paris, FR
Street action, collective performance for the support of Ukrainians against Russian aggression and selling weapons from France to Russia, action organized by the festival of political performance «Péril Jeune» and "Confluences - lieu d'engagement artistique" Art Center, around the Boulevard de Sharon in Paris, France.

Broken Body
2014 / London, UK
Sculptural installation in the group show "Premonition: Ukrainian Art Now" at the Saatchi Gallery in London, UK.

254. Sculpture
2014 / Warsaw, PL
On the group show "Postcards from Maidan" at the Centre for Contemporary Art "Ujazdowski Castle" in Warsaw, Poland.

To Be or not To Be
2014 / Tbilisi, GE
Video-performance at the Saakashvili Presidential Library, Tbilisi, Georgia.

254. Performance
2014 / St. Petersburg, RU
Unauthorized performance during the opening of "Manifesta10" at the General Staff Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. Thanks for the support by Izolyatsia Art Center.

Body and Borders — Presentation at the HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt
2014 / Berlin, DE
Wedding Ceremony Video-documentation of the beginning of the marriage-as-performance at the HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Germany.

To Be or not To Be
2014 / Vilnius, LT
Video-performance at 'Art Vilnius'

2014 / Vilnius, LT
Object from the home-used textile, meat at 'Art Vilnius'

Body and Borders
2014 / Berlin, DE
Sculptural installation by Kulikovska–Shabo Group in the group show "Cultural Capital" at the Center For Art And Urbanistics ZK/U

To Be or not To Be
2014 / Chicago, US
Video-performance, presented during the NYC Kinofestival at the Ukrainian Institute of America

Body and Borders: Culture Capital
2014 / Umeå, SE
Sculptural installation as Kulikovska–Shabo Group in the group show "Culture Capital" at the BildMuseet

To Be or not To Be
2014 / Kyiv, UA
Video-performance with the few Salt Columns from the "Soma" sculptural installation in the group show "And Now? Power of Art" at the Lavra City Gallery in Kyiv, Ukraine.

2014 / Kharkov, UA
Sculptural installation from animal fat in the group show "Independent Square" at the Yarmilov Art Centre

Marketable Condition
2013 / Kyiv, UA
Video as special project of Scherbenko Art Centre for Kyiv Art Fair'2013, Mystetskiy Arsenal

Soma — Body without Gender
2013, Kyiv, UA
Sculptural installation from 20 tons of salt. This project was nominee for the Pinchuk Art Prize 20 Scherbenko 13, PinchukArtCentre

2013 / Kyiv, UA
Solo show, performance at Art Scherbenko Centre

Madonna with Child
2013, Vienna, AT
Painting on the home used textiles, special project of Vienna Art Fair

2013 / Sigtuna, SE
Exchange for young artists from Ukraine and Sweden at the PinchukArtCentre in Kyiv Ukraine and Sigtuna Folkhogskola

2013 / Kerch, Crimea, UA
Co-curator and organizing of the first international feminist camp

Where the Wind Blows
2013 / Kyiv, UA
Installation at the group show "Orientation on the Ground", National Art Museum of Ukraine

Army of Clones 2
2013 / Moscow, RU
Sculptural installation at the "Beautiful" group exhibition, RuArts-Foundation for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.

2012 / Uster, CH
Performance in public space (in the showcase gallery wine "Wein & Co")

SWEET/SS LIFE [Sweet/Swiss Life]
2012 / Zurich, CH
Sculpture, performance, solo show as a winner of the international competition of non-profit organization AKKU-verein Kunstleratelier and the Department of Culture in Uster

Hommo Bulla — Human as Soap Bubble
2012 / Donetsk, UA
Site-specific sculptural triptych at the "IZOLATSIA" Art Center in Donetsk, Ukraine

Madonna with Child at Third Moscow Biennale of Young Contemporary
2012 / Moscow Russia
Sculptue within special project "Under the Sun of Tinsel"

Music of the Unextracted Sounds
2012 / Kyiv, UA
Performance, site-specific project at the Institute of Building Structures and Materials, personal project as a winner of the open competition "In Search of Spaces of Negotation" announcement by foundation of contemporary art CSM, as a special project of the first Ukrainian Biennale of Contemporary Art "Arsenalle", Kyiv, Ukraine.

Army of Clones as part of group curatorial project of IZOLATSIA Art Centre
2012 / Donetsk, UA
Sculptural installation as a part of group curatorial project of 'IZOLATSIA' art center in Donetsk, Ukraine. After this show all sculptures form the 'Army of Clones' series were bought by "Izolyatsia" collection and stayed I the garden of art center until all Figures were used as targets for shooting by DPR militias during occupation forces.

2011 / Kyiv, UA
Sculptural installation with video at the group curatorial project 'Independent', Museum of Contemporary Art 'Mystetskiy Arsenal'

2011 / Kyiv, UA
Sculpture, special project at the contest for yang artist "Mukhi'2011" organized by Scherbenko Art Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine.

2011 / Kyiv, UA
Feminist sculptural installations at the group curatorial project "Collective Dreams", Institute of Contemporary Art

Army of Clones
2010 / Kyiv, UA
Sculptural installation of 20 objects, casts of the own body of artist at the international festival of contemporary visual art GogolFest'10, Studio Dovgenko, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Finalist of the contest "Mukhi 2010
2010 / Kyiv, UA
Initiated by Scherbenko Art Centre and the Institute of Contemporary Art

2009 / Berlin, DE
Video at the contemporary art week "Weekend Gallery"

2009 / Vinnitsa, UA
Sculpture at the International Festival of land art 'Mifogenez'

Finalist of 'Creative Youth Forum'
2009 / Kyiv, UA
Forum organized by 'Ra' gallery

First Ever Solo Exhibition
2006 / Kyiv, UA
First ever solo exhibition at the centre of Ukrainian political organization "Prosvita"

Architectural & Design Practice

Design of Private Villa
2016 / Kyiv, UA

Private Apartment
2016 / Kyiv
Design and Architecture control of realization of private apartment, Kiev, Ukraine

Architectural practice in urban architectural company 'ASA AG'
2013 / Zurich, CH

MA Diploma Project 'International Seaport Kerch'
2013 / Kyiv, UA
Master diploma, design of architecture project, The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture

Myth: Ukrainian Baroque
2012 / Kyiv, UA
Architect of exhibition space of National Art Museum of Ukraine

Techno-Land. Museum of Technic
2011 / Kyiv, UA
Design of architecture project in competition of ideas for revitalization of old, abandoned territory with coal's heaps in the Donetsk region, Kyiv, Ukraine

Social Kindergarten
Proposition of architecture project of the social kindergarten and preschool in the suburb of Kyiv, Ukraine

Social Housing
Proposition of urban architectural project, design and modeling new area for social living space in Kyiv, Ukraine

Shcherbenko Art Centre
2011 / Kyiv, UA
Main architect and designer of Shcherbenko Art Centre (SHCHAC), architecture controll during the realization of this building

BA Diploma Project 'Museum of the History of Kyiv'
2010–2011, Kyiv UA
The National Museum of Fine Arts and Architecture

Private Villa
2009–2010 / Kyiv, UA
Design and realization of the architectural project of private villa

Teaching & Lecturing Practice

Artist-talk with Christine Hamel
23 October 2018 / Munich, DE
Bavarian broadcasting, specialty Eastern Europe, in the group exhibition of Ukrainian and German artists 'Ukraine: Learning from a good neighbour 1918-2018', Pasinger Fabrik Cultural Center,

Open discussion about political performance
May 2018 / Vienna, AT
Position of artist in the war and the conflict territory with the director of Institute of Peace Stephanie Fenkart

Lecturing at High School of Media and Design
May 2018 / Vienna, AT
One week of lecturing for students of the High School of Media and Design, Vienna, Austria

Liverpool John Mores University
October 2017 / Liverpool, UK
Open lecture, workshop and tutorials for the students of Fine Arts department of Liverpool John Mores University

2017 / Kyiv, UA
Series of lectures and master-class "Body and Borders", School of Political Performance

Spinneriet art pre-school
2016 / Malmo, SE
Master class and presentation of School of Political Performance

2016 / Kiev, UA
Series lectures 'School of Political Performance' for students, activists and artists about human rights, protest art and about own experience as an artist

Euro-Maidan non-profit human rights organization
2015 / Kyiv, UA
Series lectures for students, activists and artists about human rights, protest art and about own experience as an artist, organized by Euro-Maidan non-profit human rights organization.

Guest teacher at Glokala folkhögskolan
2014 / Malmo, SE

2013–2014 / Kyiv, UA
Teacher of visual culture of contemporary art for children at PinchukArtCenter

Teacher of own program of media-art in IZOLYATSIA Art Centre
Donetsk, UA

Curator and teacher of contemporary art for children in Bottega-gallery
Kyiv, UA

Curator and teacher of visual culture of contemporary art for children in private school 'Creative Studio'
Kyiv, UA