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Performative sculpture

Forgotten: Fusillade 6 Soap Figures 2019

6 Soap Figures [casts of the artist's body in ballistic soap] with holes all over the sculptures from shots by Maria in performance for an Ukrainian-Swiss film "The Forgotten" / Kyiv / UA

The shelling of six soap figures of my body presented in a live performance for the Ukrainian-Swiss film "Forgotten" on 20th January 2019, Kyiv, UA / photos by Maria Kulikovska
Maria was dressed in militaries robe and fired the 6 Soap Figures, during the shooting the film Forgotten, 20th January 2019
Soap figures of ballistic soap with the addition of blood, semen and juice plants instead of dyes. In winter of 2019, the artist [Me] created a set of new figures and shot the all-new figures for film 'Forgotten.

The live performance and recreation of the real incidents which happened on 9 June 2014 in Donetsk. This day a group of pro-Russian terrorist militarians from the DPR seized the Art Center Izolyatsia and turned it into a prison, military ministry of the DPR and place of torture of all others.

One of the first stages of turning this place into prison was shooting into my soap figures which were installed in 2012 on the territory of the art centre as part of the "Army of the Clones" project.

Before the shooting, the soap figures were exhibited in the park of the main Museum of Contemporary Art and Culture of Galicia 'Cidade da Cultura' from May to October 2018. And also in the park of the Munich City Center of Art and Culture Ebenbockhouse in October-November 2018. On January 20, 2019, the sculptures were used in the performance for the Ukrainian-Swiss film 'Forgetting'. All sculptures were created in collaboration with Oleg Vinnichenko.

*1: [DPR] — Donetsk People's Republic
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